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Cultural Meaning in Japanese Family Symbols

Family holds a significant place in the culture of Japan even till today. This is one of the reasons why the concept of the Family Crest still remains today. The origins of the concept can however be traced back to the 12th century. In Japan the family symbol are known by the name of Ka-Mon. Ka means family which has its own genealogical trees and Mon stands for emblem or crest.

Symbols that Mean Good Luck

Intuitive Meaning’s Editor comments on Good Luck Symbols I recently ran across this simple video, by others, that showcases some of the …

Symbolism Found In Eastern Names

Chinese symbols seems never to lose its appeal whether inside china or outside. While the Chinese themselves regard them at a high …

Symbols of The Zodiac

Not everyone that enjoys zodiac charms necessarily understands or even believes in all the aspects of astrology. Most people also equate the signs of the zodiac with specific gems or semi-precious stones. These stones are typically called birthstones and have their own set of characteristics.

Chinese Lunar Calendar And Zodiac Symbols

The modern day China even now follows the lunar calendar for its traditional events and festivities though formally it had adopted the western calendar by 1911. To give an example the Chinese New Year is still celebrated as per the lunar calendar. The calendars which are printed in China today show both lunar and solar dates.