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The Art Of Spiritual Healing Part 2

This may be the most simple, yet the most comprehensive “How To” approach to Spiritual Healing. It will give you the understanding …

2012 and the Words of Nostradamus

With 2012 approaching fast, the famous quatrains written by Nostradamus are drawing the deliberate debates around the globe by people seeking to understand his mysterious psychic readings or predictions. Psychics are particularly interested in his work because their clients are becoming more and more concerned as the world becomes more unstable.

Know The Seven Laws Of Spiritual Success And Create Wealth

Renowned speaker and M.D. Deepak Chopra, founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being, has authored fifty-five books on achieving health through mind and body wellness. Merging the concepts of spirituality and body, Chopra has written a book where he presents The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. By implementing these laws, every person can lead a life of happiness and success.

De-Bunking Psychic Myths

Many people still believe that to get an accurate reading it is better to tell the psychic reader as little as possible about your own situation or problem. As if testing the reader to prove they are as good as they think by unearthing a fact or problem they couldn’t possibly have known in normal circumstances. When requesting a “general reading” a few genuinely only want an overview of their life and its direction, most people are really seeking the answer to a question that they don’t want to ask and try to hide.

Dreams Of Drowning

For over 50 years of interpreting dreams, I cannot think of a single person for whom I have interpreted dreams or had conversations about dreams with who hasn’t at least dreamt once of a dream of drowning.

Spotlight on White Lotus Day

White Lotus Day is a little known day of remembrance of one of the most public speakers on spirituality in the 1800’s. The openness of discussion on metaphysical and spiritual subjects is only beginning to blossom in the world today. Wars have been fought to preserve old ways and diminish the independent thinking and growth the the people.

Seeing How God Blesses Our Lives

Not too long ago I heard a story that made me laugh. It’s about a woman who had three wealthy sons that wanted to do something special for her 80th birthday. They appreciated all the love she had given them and the hard work she had done to bring them up.

Keys To Having A Daily Quiet Time With God

Keeping a consistent daily quiet time with God is one of the hardest things we face in our Christian life. Why? Because our adversary the devil, knows that therein lays the secret of our strength and victory as believers. If he can get us off track, our power and wisdom are diminished, therefore, it’s essential to develop the habit of regularly meeting with God.

Spiritual Healing Can Help Many – Can It Help You?

We all need spiritual healing. It doesn’t matter if you are somebody who has experienced hurt several times before, or a successful professional climbing your way up the corporate ladder, or even one who has caused a lot of hurt for others – this healing can overcome that and help you grow into a more mature and loving person.

Hidden Abilities? Numerology Can Help Locate Them

Numerology is based upon the uniqueness of each of us individually. Almost everything in life can be tied to numbers and mathematics. The same is true with the individual numbers for ourselves based upon the day, month and year of our birth. Our complete name and the mathematical conversion of the letters also contribute to our own numerology. Upon completion of a professional numerology reading, many areas are explored but the following information looks into numerologys core areas.