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Ancient Tales of Werewolves

The Werewolf is a creature that has terrified many a people for centuries. These creatures are human b day but have the ability to transform into a wolf at night to fed on other humans. The transformation into their beastly side takes place at full moon but can also be accomplished when wearing wolf skin. Some are constantly in the form of a half-wolf half- human creature as a result from an unfortunate curse. The cause for becoming a Were-wolf varies. Some become Werewolves by eating the brains of a wolf, a practice that is common among sorcerers, being conceived at full moon, drinking water that a wolf has drunk from, sleeping under a full moon on a Friday or by living the life of a wolf. Other causes include being touched by a wolf, being, eating certain herbs or by being cursed. You can tell that a person is a werewolf if they have a uni-brow, different coloured eye or short clawed fingers and fangs instead of canine teeth.

Fairies from Old World Myth

There are many fairies that appear all over the world in folklore. They have different natures and forms but they all have some traits in common; they are small, numerous in number and are guardians of nature. Most are shy and are rarely seen by man. People tend to give offerings to the fairies such as the first food you have produced or grown (except meat). Fairies will accept these offerings and be benevolent to humans. The word ‘fairy’ comes from the Latin ‘fatum’ meaning ‘fate’. This is because the early fairies would preside over the new born people of this world and either predict their fate or give them gifts that they would need in life.

Dragons and Ancient Beliefs

Dragons are perhaps the most common and well known mythical beast who spans the all the mythologies of the world. They are all large reptilian creatures with scaled bodies. Some are predacious to man and usually have an appetite for young maidens. The appearance of the Dragon varies from culture to culture. Its head is sometimes reptilian while in India it sometimes has the head of a lion or an elephant or even a bird of prey. In the Middle East Dragons are completely serpentine with spikes across their body like Bashmu and Mushassu. Dragons can be green, blue, red yellow, black or white. They guard treasure and live in caves or ruins. Some like the Dragon Kings of Chinese belief live in underwater palaces. Other Dragons live in the desert or in the woods. They live in virtually all environments! The image of the Dragon is well known and throughout history it is gloriously presented on coats of arms, banners, in costumes, book decorations and in carvings.

Creating Your Own Myths

Myths have always served to help man understand, or more accurately, come to terms with the world around him. Whether natural disaster, …