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What’s the Meta in Metaphysical?

We’ve all heard the word metaphysical but what exactly does it mean? Let’s delve into this work, the common definition of metaphysical, …

What Is Spiritual Science?

Are you interested in spiritual science? If so you are going to see the process where the knowledge of the soul is …

Metaphysics as a Way To Harmony

Metaphysical health is very similar to holistic and alternative health. These leading edge cures are perfect healing companions with each other. Metaphysical …

all hallows eve halloween

Halloween and All Hallows Eve

When we associate Halloween to All Hallows Eve, the night preceding All Saints Day, and the gateway that is said to be …

The Meaning of Metaphysical

The word metaphysical is a commonly understood word, even if its meaning is “beyond” understanding. What exactly does it mean? Another key …

2012 and the Words of Nostradamus

With 2012 approaching fast, the famous quatrains written by Nostradamus are drawing the deliberate debates around the globe by people seeking to understand his mysterious psychic readings or predictions. Psychics are particularly interested in his work because their clients are becoming more and more concerned as the world becomes more unstable.

What Is Meant By The Projection Of Astral Body?

When the inner self, soul or spirit of an individual has the power or ability to detach itself from the bondage of its physical body and project itself into higher ethereal astral planes, the phenomenon is known as projection of astral body.

The Best Law Of Attraction Book Choices

Ever feel that just when you think you know everything about the Law of Attraction something new goes wrong? This is when you decide it is time to go find a new Law of Attraction Book. Perhaps there is some new insight or discovery you need to learn.