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Is Energy Healing Real?

Is energy healing real? As an energy healer, one who is able to focus on the energetics of the body, shift and …

eerie poltergeist

The Eerie World Of Poltergeists

One day I walked into an office to see a smiling face, someone with that look of feeling pleased by the serendipitous timing …

Am I Intuitive or Clairvoyant?

Anytime you see an advertisement for a psychic reading you are likely to see the words intuitive or clairvoyant. The terms “intuitive” and “clairvoyant” are often exchanged for one another, but there are distinct differences between the two.

mystical meaning of colors

The Mystical Meaning of Colors

What is the mystical meaning of colors?  Colors have a subtle yet profound affect on us. In the world of religious art, …

Trust Yourself And Your Intuition

Can you trust yourself and your intuition? Can intuition be an opportunity? An opportunity for what? Let’s start by giving an example …

Intuition And The Laws of Nature

Intuition – is it something that comes from the laws of nature or something super-natural? Are we intuitionists, or naturalists? Our world …

What’s the Meta in Metaphysical?

We’ve all heard the word metaphysical but what exactly does it mean? Let’s delve into this work, the common definition of metaphysical, …

Does Intuitive and Psychic have the Same Meaning?

The word intuition originates from the latin word intuitiō which means “look at”. The word intuition is also associated with “gut level feeling” or empathic abilities. You might describe intuitive as inward perceptions.

At Risk for Success Lock It In!

“Increase The Risk of Success”.  Sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? It isn’t, not when we hold ourselves back or get in …

psychic readings

Psychic Reading Why Is It Called a Reading

You may have heard the term “psychic reading” but what does that mean? Reading, like reciting from a book? What book could it be, and what information can be found in an intuitive based reading?