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money is the root of all evil

Being An Outgoing Introvert

Is it a good thing to be an introvert, or is it better to be an outgoing person, an extrovert personality? How …

how to forgive yourself

How to Forgive Yourself

Is there an intuitive meaning for forgiveness? Most definitely. It brings into play our ability to complete a cycle. By turning within we can, on our own, resolve the situation. It is important to understand that we are not always on the same wavelength, and we cannot give our attention and focus to everything all of the time. Most mistakes are not intentional, and in fact they might have been made by an act that was intended out of love or appreciation. How many times have you seen someone go overboard in their giving just so others would see that they care?

GMO corn in cereal

The Spiritual Impact of GMO

Is there any connection between GMO foods and spirituality? Is it possible to enhance our spiritual abilities through food, and if so, …


Why Does Fear and Anxiety Linger?

Why Does Fear and Anxiety Linger? Fear is an interesting physical response. What purpose does fear serve? It causes discomfort, enough to get …

first impression

Is My First Impression Intuitive?

Are first impressions something intuitive? By definition, impressions are made without conscious thought. First impressions can be a combination of gut-level feeling, …