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When Science and Spirit Collide

In ancient days artists depicted the goddesses and gods holding or resting upon a lotus flower. This flower is seen as sacred, …

The Fantastic Advantages of EFT

If you have not heard about Emotional Freedom Technique, then you have just gotten in the perfect place. EFT is a new technique in the field of energy medicine that is a combination of the Thought Field Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming which performs through tuning into the trouble, thought, emotion, or experience while tapping on acupuncture points in a person’s body. Basically, it deals with to the principal cause of problems and releases the damaging beliefs and emotions instantly. If you are skeptical concerning this technique, listed below are the wonderful benefits which you can get having the Emotional Freedom Technique.

The Art And Science Of Reiki Healing

The Tibetan Art Of Healing – Reiki is an alternative medical treatment which works miraculously by channelizing energy’s from the universe through …