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2012 and the Words of Nostradamus

With 2012 approaching fast, the famous quatrains written by Nostradamus are drawing the deliberate debates around the globe by people seeking to understand his mysterious psychic readings or predictions. Psychics are particularly interested in his work because their clients are becoming more and more concerned as the world becomes more unstable.

Dreams Of Drowning

For over 50 years of interpreting dreams, I cannot think of a single person for whom I have interpreted dreams or had conversations about dreams with who hasn’t at least dreamt once of a dream of drowning.

Scorpio Tiger Astrology

As an astrologer, I know that adore is a essential problem for most of my clients. Career and cash are essential, but they are just not within the similar league – which has always struck me as being strange.

Hidden Abilities? Numerology Can Help Locate Them

Numerology is based upon the uniqueness of each of us individually. Almost everything in life can be tied to numbers and mathematics. The same is true with the individual numbers for ourselves based upon the day, month and year of our birth. Our complete name and the mathematical conversion of the letters also contribute to our own numerology. Upon completion of a professional numerology reading, many areas are explored but the following information looks into numerologys core areas.