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Getting Down to Earth and Healing Feet First

As stated in the first article in this series, the point of the body that is furthest from the heart is your feet. We also have gravity working for us, which means that energy as well as toxins can accumulate in our extremities.

Tapping – 3 Reasons to Learn EFT

There is a method of psychological acupressure that’s called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT. It’s commonly known as Tapping. The method works by moving the energy of your emotions, which often get stuck in your body. The way emotions are moved is via tapping with your fingertips on specific acupressure or acupuncture points. When you tap these points while feeling an upsetting emotion, the emotion changes. You release the upsetting emotion and it is replaced by a more pleasant emotion – usually peace, understanding, clarity, calm. Are there other reasons to learn how to do EFT? Here are three big reasons you might want to learn to do EFT yourself.

EFT Kiss Your Problem Away

Acupuncture treatments are said to heal stress, back pains, common colds as well as cancers. This impressive therapy has been modified and used in a new healing process called the Emotional Freedom Technique. Whether you have a headache, a stomach pain, dental pain or chronic pain, or if you feel pain without knowing the real cause, this procedure will help you get pain alleviation. The number of patients declaring its positive effects can’t be denied.

The Wonderful Benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique

A lot of people dream of transforming their lives, improving their condition, and become prosperous. The truth is that it truly is possible to make these changes with an easy yet effective technique. The Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple form of acupressure that eradicates destructive emotions which slow you down on your journey to the very best in life. This is surely an efficient method to clear yourself of worries, addictions, stress and anxiety.

Using EFT to Enhance Self-Esteem

Individuals having a healthy self-esteem normally have better relationships and perform better in life. Low-self-esteem, in contrast, could stop you from being successful, achieving promotion, earning a good living and being in good and fulfilling relationships. There are a lot of ways to enhancing your self-esteem. One beneficial way is with the use of a procedure called as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. When you start to feel great about yourself, you also start to attract more positive results in your life.

Achieve Sports Success with EFT

Do you like to perform at your peak? Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is very beneficial in helping athletes improve their game. Even though this has been around for above 15 years, it has only recently been getting popularity among coaches and sports trainers for how beneficial it is at helping individuals with performance problems. EFT needs that you tap on the energy meridians that run all over your body so that you feel relax and mentally confident in your abilities. This article talks about how this procedure could enhance your game.

Achieve Financial Prosperity With Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques are focused about money and abundance. Possessing a favorable mindset about financial aspects and your possibility to live joyfully is transformational. In this procedure, you will tap certain parts of your body- the side of the hand, the edge of the brow, the edge of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, below the mouth, collarbone, under the arm and the top of the head. Through this, you will be able to free yourself from financial problems and know your highest human potential.

The Fantastic Advantages of EFT

If you have not heard about Emotional Freedom Technique, then you have just gotten in the perfect place. EFT is a new technique in the field of energy medicine that is a combination of the Thought Field Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming which performs through tuning into the trouble, thought, emotion, or experience while tapping on acupuncture points in a person’s body. Basically, it deals with to the principal cause of problems and releases the damaging beliefs and emotions instantly. If you are skeptical concerning this technique, listed below are the wonderful benefits which you can get having the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Emotional Freedom Technique- The Simplest Method To Lose Weight?

Are you one of those who’ve been dreaming about having a lean body? Have you tried different kinds of fad diets and appetite suppressant just to melt off your weight? Then, you should realize that dieting doesn’t work in the long run. If you desire to lose weight efficiently, one necessary thing that you have to keep in mind is the mental aspect. Emotional Freedom Technique can help you in reducing your weight by minimizing and removing the cause of emotional eating in a large number of cases.

Wordless EFT Tapping Technique: Mind Body Tapping

You may already know the transformative power of EFT Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Tapping. After a short learning period, you have an amazing tool that you can use yourself to help create a life of joy, health, peace and abundance.