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Healing In Living Color

It’s clear that the ability to taste brings us great pleasure, and of course there are those foods that inspire all those …

mystical meaning of colors

The Mystical Meaning of Colors

What is the mystical meaning of colors? ¬†Colors have a subtle yet profound affect on us. In the world of religious art, …

What Your Color Choices Say About You

The most commonly worn color be it in clothes or shoes may be more than a fashion statement, it may be a sign of your personality and self expression.

candle color meaning

Shedding Light on Candle Superstitions

Candles have been used in many rituals in both religion and metaphysical practices. Wicca uses candles in many spells, sometimes calling out for a specific candle.

Use Feng Shui Flowers For The Home And Bedroom

Using the flowers symbol is based on the same universal feeling that flowers evoke in all humans, giving a feel of grace, beauty and alive sensuality. Feng shui flowers can be a great addition to the home and bedroom. Live flowers are a beautiful choice for any home bringing healing and energy inside your house they can often bring good luck and blessings.