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Famous Sanskrit Words

Sanskrit is a very old language kept alive today in part by those who subscribe to metaphysical and spiritual thinking. This ancient …

A Beginners Guide To Understanding The Chakra System

Chakras are known as the centers of energy and there are seven main chakras in the chakra system. The complete system of chakra is a metaphysical source which consists of 108 chakras. These chakras receive and transmit energies and are regulators of flow of vital energy.

Specific Chakra Exercises for Stability

In as much as exercise is good for the overall well-being of a person’s physique, so too does an individual’s chakras gain from exercises which develop and improve them. In doing these chakra exercises, keep in mind the key goal is always to enhance your chakra’s health and balance, and in so doing enhance your current health and balance too.

The Spiritual Meaning of Lavender

In the world of aromatherapy lavendar must be the most widely known and used of essential oils. It’s flowerly, light aroma is …

Spotlight on White Lotus Day

White Lotus Day is a little known day of remembrance of one of the most public speakers on spirituality in the 1800’s. The openness of discussion on metaphysical and spiritual subjects is only beginning to blossom in the world today. Wars have been fought to preserve old ways and diminish the independent thinking and growth the the people.