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Carl Sagan on Astrology

Carl Sagan is an icon in the world of Astrology. This video is old but still quite enjoyable. Warning – there is …

The Magic Of The Moon

You would be astonished at the sheer volume of writings about the moon that can be found on the web. It has inspired poets and musicians down over time, it appears in every culture the world over. From myth and legend to painting and photography, to art and literature, it all shows just how deeply the moon can affect us, right down into our core.

Why Is Stone Protection Used?

The cultures have used stone protection for many and many generations and centuries. The stone protection is not only used in rituals and traditions; it is used for every day routines and goodness of every day lifestyles.

Dreams Of Drowning

For over 50 years of interpreting dreams, I cannot think of a single person for whom I have interpreted dreams or had conversations about dreams with who hasn’t at least dreamt once of a dream of drowning.

Scorpio Tiger Astrology

As an astrologer, I know that adore is a essential problem for most of my clients. Career and cash are essential, but they are just not within the similar league – which has always struck me as being strange.

Relationship Deja Vu

Have you ever attended a workshop, lecture, gone to a party and met someone that you felt you knew before? It’s as if you knew them your whole life and like magnets you have found each other again. I always get the feeling of deja vu. I’ve known them somewhere, somehow in another land. Sometimes I keep in touch with them and other times we’re two ships passing.
Either way, there is this feeling of deep connection and friendship.

Symbols of The Zodiac

Not everyone that enjoys zodiac charms necessarily understands or even believes in all the aspects of astrology. Most people also equate the signs of the zodiac with specific gems or semi-precious stones. These stones are typically called birthstones and have their own set of characteristics.

Chinese Lunar Calendar And Zodiac Symbols

The modern day China even now follows the lunar calendar for its traditional events and festivities though formally it had adopted the western calendar by 1911. To give an example the Chinese New Year is still celebrated as per the lunar calendar. The calendars which are printed in China today show both lunar and solar dates.