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The Enduring Lessons Of Gita

Most famous book of Hinduism is Bhagvad Gita which is frequently called just as the Gita. The book is in Sanskrit language …

Dragons and Ancient Beliefs

Dragons are perhaps the most common and well known mythical beast who spans the all the mythologies of the world. They are all large reptilian creatures with scaled bodies. Some are predacious to man and usually have an appetite for young maidens. The appearance of the Dragon varies from culture to culture. Its head is sometimes reptilian while in India it sometimes has the head of a lion or an elephant or even a bird of prey. In the Middle East Dragons are completely serpentine with spikes across their body like Bashmu and Mushassu. Dragons can be green, blue, red yellow, black or white. They guard treasure and live in caves or ruins. Some like the Dragon Kings of Chinese belief live in underwater palaces. Other Dragons live in the desert or in the woods. They live in virtually all environments! The image of the Dragon is well known and throughout history it is gloriously presented on coats of arms, banners, in costumes, book decorations and in carvings.

The Ancient History of Barry, South Wales

In the 1700’s, dishes, saws, knives, flints, a scraper, a prehistoric horn celt with strange markings, a spokeshave and some arrowheads from the Neolithic Period were found. These are now safely housed in the museum in Cardiff, but at the time no one thought to organize an excavation and later a housing estate was built on the site.