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Affirmations to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Affirmations entail repeating certain mantras, words, or concepts to yourself aloud or silently with the hope the sentiments in the affirmations get involved with your being. For many, this may prove to be one of the best methods for increasing and boosting self-esteem. That is why affirmations for self-esteem should never be overlooked in terms of their viability for improving one’s attitude or psyche.

Vision Boards – The Power of Manifesting

It’s often been said that using vision boards is like catching an express train to your end destination in life: One stop and you’re there in 30 minutes. But a Vision Board just does not work like that, I’m afraid. A better way of putting it would be like this;

The Power Of Affirmations

by Carolee Laffoon Affirmation statements -we hear them spoken often by motivational speakers, authors, writers etc., but what can we personally do …