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Why Do I Need Abundance In My Life?

Do you have the perfect life? Then you are probably one of the lucky few in life that gets to experience that awesome feeling of abundance. Or you may think that you do. Many people mistake being rich for this feeling as some think that endless amounts of money can buy you anything. That famous saying, ‘money can’t buy you love’ also applies to feeling abundant. It is like baking a cake you need more than just flour to make a cake.

Achieve Financial Prosperity With Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques are focused about money and abundance. Possessing a favorable mindset about financial aspects and your possibility to live joyfully is transformational. In this procedure, you will tap certain parts of your body- the side of the hand, the edge of the brow, the edge of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, below the mouth, collarbone, under the arm and the top of the head. Through this, you will be able to free yourself from financial problems and know your highest human potential.

Attracting Abundance: Common Abundance Blockages

When it comes to attracting abundance, there are a lot of possible blockages that can hold you back. You probably already know that you need to keep your thoughts focused on abundance rather than shortage; and you need to keep envisioning the life of abundance you want to live. However, you might not realize that there are a few common abundance blockages that can hold you back, even if you’re careful to keep your thoughts focused on what you want. Below I’ve highlighted three of the most common abundance blockages that will need to be cleared before you can allow abundance into your life.

Wondering How to Practice Using The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction has been recently gained the prime position among widely discussing topics. What is law of attraction? That is the question most of the people asking today. It is a fact that the human thoughts in their conscious and unconscious can influence the chances of fulfilling their desires. That is our chance to satisfy our wishes depends on the intensity of our desire. We can see hinds of the theory in many ancient scriptures and orations. To day it is not mere talk but an established scientifically proved truth.

The Art Of Manifesting

Before we can discuss its merits we need to know what manifesting essentially means. It is a way of creating what you want through the power of your own mind and at a time in life that you want it to happen.

Top 5 Inspirational Movies Like The Secret

Why are we here? What is my purpose in life? Did I leave the oven on? If you’ve caught yourself asking these questions, chances are you’ve seen the movie “The Secret.” With so much going on in our daily lives and all the problems we think about, we sometimes forget to sit back, relax, and let the Universe just do its thing.

Call Abundance to Your Feng Shui House

Because Feng Shui brings together art and science, you will find its principles carried through all areas of these subjects from astronomy and architecture to decorating and design. In fact, the same principles that define science itself also could be applied to the ancient practice of Feng Shui cures as well.

What Exactly Is Manifesting?

by Claire Skaysbrook The old saying is true, life is just what you make it; life is just what you want it …