Your Holiday Soul-Guidance Sessions

The holidays are upon us, and along with the excitement, holiday rush, celebration, and holiday craziness is an opportunity.

Holidays are very outward expressions, but what stands behind your holiday spirit? What is your intuitive meaning that guides and creates your holiday experience? 

So much of our time is spent thinking, feeling a vast range of emotions, and sharing experiences with others. Within your lifetime there is the influence and involvement of that part of you that lives beyond the moments of your life. This part of you is your soul. It is easy for your soul to get pushed away by the challenges of living. Your thinking mind holds great strength, but its purpose is to break things down to manageable and digestible pieces. Judgment divides us, making it even more difficult to live in harmony, faith, and a soulful happiness.

What is it that you would like to gift to others, and yourself, during this holiday season?

Being Your Soulful Self

As a special offer, I am opening a limited number of special sessions that focus on your own soul-guidance for the holiday season. Your soul guidance is something that can live on within your life, and the life of others, for a lifetime.

What do I mean by Soul Guidance?  Here are five examples of soul guidance:

  • Joy – notice the energy of joy. It is not about giving and receiving, not like the way we usually think of it. Joy is within, which makes it very intuitive. What about giving to others, sharing the spirit of joy? Can joy be shared by “being”, not “giving”? In other words, you inspire joy in others, rather than give them your own joy.
  • Silence – As I spoke to God, asking what should be offered as a spirit of guidance, this is what I saw, and heard. Stillness and silence. Remember the song: Silent Night, Holy Night, All is well, All is Bright. Again, here is an opportunity for the “being” of your soul or spirit within the moments of your holiday season.
  • The third expression of soul guidance for the holiday season is Presence. This soul energy can also be called Grounding. How can you be a guide when you are not present or grounded?  Here’s another way of describing your ability to be a soul guidance: creating sacred space. Are you seeking to learn more about your ability to be a soul-presence?
  • Faith. What is faith? There is a fear-driven practice of faith that is unconscious, lacking in knowledge and understanding. Soul Faith is not blind, nor is it manipulating. Soul faith does not strike out at others. Now let’s talk about what soul faith is, and what it can do. Faith is being consistent. It is being the foundation, the rock upon which we stand. Faith can be teamed with any and all: sacred space, joy, silence, presence, and so much more.
  • The fifth form of soul guidance that you (yes, you) can offer to yourself and others during this holiday season is Divine Love. No, we didn’t use the unconditional word. Unconditionally is like a peace-keeper between human conflicts. Divine love is like stepping into the solution, not the problem. Do you and I live in that space all the time? Heck no!! But you can be, act, think, feel, all with the guidance of your own soul’s divine love.

soul guidance holiday season 2Creating Space for your Soul Guidance

You and I experience glimmers of our soul presence each and every day. How do you recognize your soul’s voice in your life? It can be a feeling of passion, and purpose. You can experience your soul through your longing for greater presence, and feel that lack of soul-based connectivity as loneliness.

Your soul is bigger than the moment. How much is your soul a divine guidance in your life?  That’s the variable. I know you have had times when you have felt times when you just have not “been there”. You have also likely to have felt there were times when you were fully embracing a moment in your life. Have you ever been told, or said to someone else, “I feel like your somewhere else”.

Why is your soul anywhere other than the present?  There could be many answers to that question. Too busy a mind can shut out the voice of your soul. Strong emotions that are rooted in conflicts can also be so loud that your soul cannot be heard.

How do you change this, and bring more of your soul-guidance into your everyday world?  First, let me clarify that this shift is not a magic blue or red pill like the one Neo took in The Matrix. Even then, making that choice did not make his life conflict free, but it was a shift into self-empowerment and living “on purpose”.

I can tell you about 5 energies of soul-guidance, as I have earlier on this page, and in the post The Symbolic Meaning of Santa Claus and Christmas Spirit. There is more to bring together the pieces of your soul-guidance. Here are three challenges faced in shifting from conflict to conscious:

  • Patterns:  You are used to things being the way they are, accepting this as “your truth.
  • Beliefs: Beliefs can be like rose-colored glasses, keeping you locked into emulating your faith. Does letting go of beliefs break down your ability to make the right choices?  No, in fact, it works the opposite. Having awareness, and your own soul guidance is a living form of belief. Your soul-guidance gives you the ability to understand, grow, even evolve as a spiritual being. It’s been said, “be like a little child”, which means owning your right to explore and understand.
  • Monkey mind: I love the expression, “my mind is like a steel trap”. Your mind is amazing. It breaks down experiences and the emotions associated with these experiences so that you can understand (or assess, or twist into some kind of righteousness).  Your mind is skilled at breaking things into little pieces. Do pieces give you peace? No. What is the other option? Bringing in your soul-guidance, that part of you that is the bigger picture. This is where wisdom, not conditioning, becomes a guiding force.

“What can I do to get more of my soul-guidance into my Christmas spirit?”

kavi_lasvegas_2010-160This holiday season I am offering a special 30-minute session that combines consultation with a deep intuitive look into the influences in your soul-guidance.

I will share with you non-judgmental information on your top energy block(s) to having your own soul guidance. To balance things out, I will also bring into focus the strength you have (hidden away) that causes your energy block from existing in the first place.

From there, you can practice your own soul-guidance with greater clarity and integration of your soul within your day to day life. Each step you take in infusing the influence of your soul into your everyday world strengthens your ability to make that shift. What do you gain by doing this?

  • Greater access to your wisdom, shifting from your control-driven ego to your inclusive soul-self.
  • More presence (that in itself is the greatest present of all).
  • Peace and balance: freeing your energy and creating space for new creations!
  • A stronger ability to be accepting of others, and yourself.

soul guidance holiday sessions300Schedule today

Limited sessions are available for this holiday-focused session. There are weekend sessions available, and a few afternoon weekday sessions, between now and the new year.

30 minutes, by phone. Private.
$97, pre-paid via PAYPAL or Credit Card. 

Call or text me at 206-878-3513 to schedule, or use the contact form below.

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