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halloween tarot

Halloween Tarot Readings

Halloween is a tradition of costumes, candy, and festivities, but in earlier times it was  sacred day, all Hallows eve. This was …

celebrate your inner weird

Celebrate Your Inner Weird

Have you ever been told “you’re so weird”? There’s a tremendous amount of validation and power to be found in “fitting in”. …

witch finger cookies

Halloween Witch Finger Cookies

Welcome to October, the month of turning leaves, days growing shorter, and of course Halloween. Here at IntuitiveMeaning our focus is on …

meaning of blue moon

Meaning Of The Blue Moon

Today brings us another blue moon. What is the meaning of a blue moon? Known as a rare event, this occurrence in …

how to make good connections

How To Make Good Connections

What is the secret on how to make good connections? The answer may be closer than you think! This world is all …


Why Do We Give Anything Meaning?

Throughout any lifetime there are countless times where we quantify and qualify our events. From the moment we are born we are …