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Parasomnia Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is back in the news. In a study released by Penn State University it has been disclosed that students and …

Bad Dreams – Why Do People Have Them?

A horrible dream that causes one to wake up from sleep is called nightmare. Compared to night terrors, it occurs during the rapid-eye movement sleep. When one has nightmares, he cannot remember what it is all about other than having a bad dream.

Leveraging Your Ability To Dream

“Ifs” never built anything. I’m sure you’ve heard of these: “If I could only lose weight, then I would….”, “If I could only get more clients, then I could….” I’m hearing this from clients, family, friends, and yes, even myself. You must remember that “ifs” are transient things. Living on “ifs” is living on the illusion of forward motion. It is a game we play with the mind that something is really moving and shaking when in reality, your life, is pretty still.

Easy Tips To Remember Your Dreams

Dreams interpretation relies far more upon the ability to remember a dream than on the knowledge and experience of the interpreter and how well they understand the symbolism of dream images. If there is no dream to interpret, then even the best interpreter will be unable to provide any understanding.

Lasts Nights Dream Doesn’t Mean Anything

Lot of people after seeing an intense dream get very curious about what it means, after all that emotion, all that imagery must mean something. The next day they are out there asking the people closest to them about the meaning of their dream.