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is friday the 13th real

Is Friday the 13th Real?

Friday the 13th is just around the corner. Even those considered to be enlightened can easily entertain a thought or two about …

eerie poltergeist

The Eerie World Of Poltergeists

One day I walked into an office to see a smiling face, someone with that look of feeling pleased by the serendipitous timing …

The First Rose

The rose is treasured, honored, and loved by many. What is the story of the first rose, where did it begin? Legend …

Mirror Mirror – Reflecting on our Luck and Superstitions

Mirrors may be commonplace these days, but they still hold a touch of magic in our lives. In older times mirrors were used as a divination tool. Many superstitions were created around mirrors because of this, especially around breaking a mirror.

Ancient Tales of Werewolves

The Werewolf is a creature that has terrified many a people for centuries. These creatures are human b day but have the ability to transform into a wolf at night to fed on other humans. The transformation into their beastly side takes place at full moon but can also be accomplished when wearing wolf skin. Some are constantly in the form of a half-wolf half- human creature as a result from an unfortunate curse. The cause for becoming a Were-wolf varies. Some become Werewolves by eating the brains of a wolf, a practice that is common among sorcerers, being conceived at full moon, drinking water that a wolf has drunk from, sleeping under a full moon on a Friday or by living the life of a wolf. Other causes include being touched by a wolf, being, eating certain herbs or by being cursed. You can tell that a person is a werewolf if they have a uni-brow, different coloured eye or short clawed fingers and fangs instead of canine teeth.