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The Meaning of Metaphysical

The word metaphysical is a commonly understood word, even if its meaning is “beyond” understanding. What exactly does it mean? Another key …

A Beginners Guide To Understanding The Chakra System

Chakras are known as the centers of energy and there are seven main chakras in the chakra system. The complete system of chakra is a metaphysical source which consists of 108 chakras. These chakras receive and transmit energies and are regulators of flow of vital energy.

Finding Meaning In Tarot Reversals

Learning about the tarot and its intuitive meaning can take time and consideration. There are so many cards with intricate meaning, and …

Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi – Spiritual Wealth and Luxuries

The Goddess Lakshmi is often called upon in meditations and energy healing to shift from limiting beliefs and ideas. You can invoke the empowerment of Lakshmi during a Reiki healing session.