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Is Energy Healing Real?

Is energy healing real? As an energy healer, one who is able to focus on the energetics of the body, shift and …

mystical meaning of colors

The Mystical Meaning of Colors

What is the mystical meaning of colors?  Colors have a subtle yet profound affect on us. In the world of religious art, …

Is Prayer For Healing Real?

Is prayer for healing real, or is it just a placebo effect? Spiritual healing is in a class of its own. It …

Mantra Magic sound and vibration

A mantra is a sequence of sounds. These sounds are vibrations, many layered with more than one tone in a single syllable. …

energy vampire

Are Energy Vampires Real?

One of the concepts that has crossed over from the metaphysical world into our everyday world is recognition of energy vampires. Are …

Getting Down to Earth and Healing Feet First

As stated in the first article in this series, the point of the body that is furthest from the heart is your feet. We also have gravity working for us, which means that energy as well as toxins can accumulate in our extremities.

Getting Down to Earth

Energy healing is a wonderful thing, so full of intent. It’s easy to get ourselves into patterns that are less-than-healing. We can release from the bottom up.

Reiki and Medicine Do They Mix?

Reiki and medicine: The opinions are mixed on whether Reiki and medicine should be used together. Medicine is based on data, though studies …