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Is Energy Healing Real?

Is energy healing real? As an energy healer, one who is able to focus on the energetics of the body, shift and …

energy vampire

Are Energy Vampires Real?

One of the concepts that has crossed over from the metaphysical world into our everyday world is recognition of energy vampires. Are …

Holistic Recovery Through A Theta Healer

The first human reaction to dilemmas of the psyche, body or the senses is to go to a conventional doctor. Overlooked are alternative healing practices, mainly due to habit. Overall personal wellness can be sped up by altering the mindset of a person and by following practices that have already been set in motion for hundreds of years such as alternative healing therapy. A Theta healer wholly enriches an individual through the altering of their subconscious mind, as long as that individual allows themselves to connect to the universe.

Therapeutic Healing Touch – The Way to Achieve Healthy Mind and Body

Therapeutic healing touch offers you a natural healing. This healing process uses human energy for healing. Hands are used for this process of healing; however, there is no physical contact between the hands and the physical body. Most of the patients reported to experience increased well-being and rid of body pain after the sessions of therapeutic healing touch. The therapeutic healing touch process will depend on five principles like:

Reiki Energy Healing – Learn Simple Powerful Energy Healing

The Healing Drum Retreat is an eventful weekend held near Yelm Washington, just minutes from Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia. The cost is affordable and includes meals and lodging. Reiki certification for Reiki Level One is available as well for an additional $10 for those who attend and practice that segment of the retreat.

Spiritual Healing Can Help Many – Can It Help You?

We all need spiritual healing. It doesn’t matter if you are somebody who has experienced hurt several times before, or a successful professional climbing your way up the corporate ladder, or even one who has caused a lot of hurt for others – this healing can overcome that and help you grow into a more mature and loving person.

Can You Cure A Phobia?

People say the only way to cure a phobia is to slowly face the fear behind them. Don’t be overwhelmed when you read this. It’s only natural that we’d want to be free of the chains our phobia’s imprisoned us in. You question if it’s possible. Can you cure a phobia? So with that in mind, you take a deep breath, and begin.

How Spiritual Growth Is Influenced By Our Words

Our language present to the outer world what our inner world is like. Our words shows our emotions and our emotions reveal our thoughts. How Spiritual Healing is influenced by the words that we use will be examined in this article.