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A Few Tips And Tricks When Purchasing Onyx Rings

Since long time ago, diamonds along with other gemstones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds have already been used in rings. However, now, semi-precious gemstones such as onyx are starting to be popular. Folks who want some uniqueness and innovation within their jewelry are especially choosing to wear onyx rings.

Helping Our Healing Tools – How to Cleanse Crystals

Decades ago, people once again became aware that crystals and crystal clusters are effective healing tools. Their capabilities are extensive, especially when they receive proper care. In therapeutic situations, crystals eliminate unwanted energies from the patient’s body and aura. As time passes, unwanted energies pervade both the surface of crystals and their energy field. If not cleansed properly, unwanted energies can impair the crystal’s healing abilities. It’s much like needing to rid your desk of clutter before you can get back to work.

Black Tourmaline Bracelet As A Good Luck Charm

Ancient cultures in the past, for instance the historical Egyptian and Babylonian cultures thousands of years in the past, utilised the psychic powers of crystals to provide great fortune, prosperity, and blessings upon loved ones and family. One of their preferred crystals was the tourmaline stones. They produced all kinds of beads, pendants, and jewelry from this psychic mineral.

Collecting Minerals And Gems – Top 3 Names To Consider

Love collecting items? Why not include minerals and gems in your collection? They are no longer hard to find these days. Simply log online and you will already find lots of minerals and gems for sale. Now, what names to look for? If you’re new on this, you must be familiarized with the top 3 stones to include in your minerals and gems collection. Read on this article to help you get started.

Why Is Stone Protection Used?

The cultures have used stone protection for many and many generations and centuries. The stone protection is not only used in rituals and traditions; it is used for every day routines and goodness of every day lifestyles.

The Art and Science of Gemstone Energy Medicine

Gemstone energy medicine is an art and a science. It involves healing the body, emotions, mind, and spirit using either therapeutic gemstones or oral remedies imparted with gemstone energies. It is a discipline that involves preventing, treating, and diagnosing health conditions by applying gemstones or gemstone remedies in body’s energy field. This energy field includes the aura that surrounds the body, plus the energetic counterparts of physically manifested tissue.

Which Do I Have A Cubic Zirconia Or A Diamond?

I wonder if it is real? Is the question that most people think of in the back of their minds when they find, buy, or receive the little shiny stone. I often even wonder when I pass by a jewelry case or see a ring on someone’s finger if it’s real. I think that it is somewhat natural to be just a little bit curious if the person spent a little bit of money or did they spend a lot of money.

Native Jewelry is More than Just Looks

It is important that the maker of native jewelry hold wisdom in the mixing of the gemstones, patterning, and the tone set while making the native jewelry or native healing tools. Some will call in the ancestors, others the angels.