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Making Aromatherapy Bath Salts

It’s very easy to mix your own bath salt combination, using essential oils to give the therapeutic salts even more impact on …

The Spiritual Meaning of Lavender

In the world of aromatherapy lavendar must be the most widely known and used of essential oils. It’s flowerly, light aroma is …

5 Stress Tips Using Aromatherapy

This cute animated video shares information on using aromatherapy for stress release. There are many essential oils that can be used to …

Candle Making History

Candles have a deep history. When you look at the history of the world it’s been relatively recent that candles have not been needed for lighting purposes. The type of candle that resembles our modern-day candle was invented nearly 5,000 years ago! This article will peruse the history of candle making.

Can Essential Oils Aid With Intimacy?

Sex and intimacy is a major part of humanity. We are constantly striving for ways to improve our sex lives. We are constantly trying to find new ways to be more attractive to the opposite sex.

Natural Ways to Seek Your Fountain of Youth

Wrinkles…why do they make us feel so old and tired, even when they are just a natural part of the aging process? Probably because we would love to always have the energy of our youth and wrinkles are a reminder that we weren’t born yesterday. Fortunately, there are a few ways to slow or in some cases turn around the aging process.

The Health Benefits of Aromatherapy

Just one drop of an essential oil can treat many aberrations. There are one or two methods to get these smells into the air. Drops of fancy oils used on the light bulbs of lamps will release the smell into the room. Incense of different smells is utilized by many solely to keep certain aromas in the air. Holidays supply the perfect time to get some comfort smells into the air. Glaringly, these are scents which will lift your mood and keep your house contented for anyone that enters it.

The Benefits of Rosehip Oil

Aromatherapy, though not officially being recognized as an official type of medical treatment in most countries, is regularly used by millions of people worldwide as a method of curing common illnesses. As well as being effective, it is simple and easy to use. In fact, therapeutic relief can be achieved simply by putting aromatherapy oils on your body, with one particularly famous oil for this purpose being rosehip oil.