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Empowerment Through Imagination

Hello to everyone from – as you know we publish a variety of articles that explore the meaning of life, intuitive …

How Fairy Tales Help Children Understand Life

Fairy tales: Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, mark the vestiges of childhood but, as Schiller attests, these stories offer a complex truth and meaning, as valuable as real life experience. The world of fairy tales is immense, however, an increasing proportion of families are shunning this oral and literary heritage in favour of more modern imaginings. Surveys suggest that parents feel that the old fashioned fairytale is not sufficiently up to date in its attitude and are fearful of being seen as non-PC.

The Secret in 11 Forgotten Laws

The 11 Forgotten Laws are quite well-known for most Americans, because in a nutshell, these are laws that govern the universe, and …