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11-11-11 meaning; what does it mean?

Ten Steps Toward 11 11 11

The date 11-11-11 will arrive in only a heartbeat, and many wonder what significance the date 11-11-11 means. Is it about the …

Misfortune and Meaning of 13

Today’s the 13th day of the month, and typically we look at the number 13 when it is associated with a Friday. …

Introduction To Numerology

Part 1 of a 10 part series looking into the science of numbers.  Numerology has been around for many centuries, and is …

What is Numerology Part 1

Free Lesson on what Numerology is about and how it affects you. Tips on Self Calculation included so that you can apply …

Are Odd Numbers More Lucky?

Is there any truth to the idea that odd numbers are more lucky? The evidence is there, tucked away in ancient writings, …

Is Numerology A Tool For Defining Who We Are?

Numerology is an ancient profiling tool using pre-determined assessments assigned to numbers. Can this tool serve us to better understand who we are, or our purpose in life? What is the intuitive meaning behind numerology?

Hidden Abilities? Numerology Can Help Locate Them

Numerology is based upon the uniqueness of each of us individually. Almost everything in life can be tied to numbers and mathematics. The same is true with the individual numbers for ourselves based upon the day, month and year of our birth. Our complete name and the mathematical conversion of the letters also contribute to our own numerology. Upon completion of a professional numerology reading, many areas are explored but the following information looks into numerologys core areas.