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De-Bunking Psychic Myths

Many people still believe that to get an accurate reading it is better to tell the psychic reader as little as possible about your own situation or problem. As if testing the reader to prove they are as good as they think by unearthing a fact or problem they couldn’t possibly have known in normal circumstances. When requesting a “general reading” a few genuinely only want an overview of their life and its direction, most people are really seeking the answer to a question that they don’t want to ask and try to hide.

Did The Ouija Board Scare You As A Child?

I remember the first time I saw a Ouija board when I was a child. It really scared me, hearing those stories of seances, and the spirits that could come through.

The Magic in the Magic 8 Ball

Divination is an ancient art of finding answers through signs and symbols in the world around us. This practice has grown into many branches, even into games and toys. The magic 8 ball is one such divination device.

candle color meaning

Shedding Light on Candle Superstitions

Candles have been used in many rituals in both religion and metaphysical practices. Wicca uses candles in many spells, sometimes calling out for a specific candle.

I Ching Explained – Ancient through Modern Times

Even though the I Ching is 3,000 years old, it still has power in the 21st century. And the power does not just extend to China, where it originated. People all over the world, from the east to the west, still study and consult the ancient Chinese oracle system. It is used in psychology, mathematics, and art. How can this be?

The Divining Rod – The Harvest of Branches

In ancient times the Germans practiced the art of divination using rods. They cut a branch off of a fruit tree, cutting it into bits. Each carried a distinctive mark or series of marks. Many other cultures used branches and runes for predictions and oracle readings, and shared common instructions on the harvest of the wood.

The History of Divination

Divination, or the use of the divining rod is an ancient science that can be traced back to Greece, Germany, and many other parts of the world. I Ching could be considered an offshoot of divination using sticks.