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Energy Anatomy

audrey hepburn quote to laugh

The Power Of Emotions – To Laugh

Imagine a life without emotions. How would you express yourself? How would you know what you appreciate, and what you dislike? Emotions …

food for the soul

Real Food For The Soul?

What is food for the soul? Does your soul require anything to help it flourish in this world? Before we make any …

The Intuitive Soul Self

Ah, to be alive, conscious and aware. Many of us seek to know and understand who we are and how to express …

What Is Meant By The Projection Of Astral Body?

When the inner self, soul or spirit of an individual has the power or ability to detach itself from the bondage of its physical body and project itself into higher ethereal astral planes, the phenomenon is known as projection of astral body.

The Chakra System Of The Human Body

The human body consists of seven major chakras and many less-important small ones. The chakras are centers of energy, points of flow of energy and behave like energy joint in the body. Every aspect of our emotional, bodily, spiritual life and mental life is possible because of the energetic operations in these chakras. Each of the seven major chakras corresponds to a unique aspect of our being and has its own character.

Astral Traveling – Explore The Universe!

Astral traveling refers to the ability to set apart your astral self or your subtle within, from your organic body and to project it outside for the sake of traveling to higher realms of consciousness. Therefore we can say that it is a phenomenon where the soul departs from the body temporarily and goes to high astral planes, seeing his own body and the world from some distance.