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Totem Animals

Mayan Hummingbird On The Left

Hummingbirds and Mayans: how are the two intertwined? The Mayan culture combined science with superstition, giving us the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, a …

Vulture Watch: Soaring So High

I’ve had many occasions when I have spent an early morning outside watching the vultures in the Oregon desert as they spread …

The Intuitive Meaning of Animals in our Lives

Just about every animal, bird, and even bug is associated with a spiritual meaning. If we look back historically it makes sense that we might see any creature as powerful. The powers that other creatures mean more when they could do things we could not do, or could have impact on our lives.

Groundhog Day and Spiritual Meaning

Today is groundhog’s day, the one day of the year that this little rodent rises not just above its underground lodging but to the status of star. Why does anyone have interest in what a little woodchuck does on this particular day?

Bird Omens: Foul Play?

Certain birds have been associated with omens or bad luck. Pun or not, the appearance of an owl or crow could be a sign of foul play, or worse, according to certain legends.

Dragonfly Magical Totem Spirits

Dragonflies are ancient insects dating back over 180 million years old. In the USA alone there are over 650 species of dragonflies in the US alone. These amazing creatures have been a symbol of grace in teachings of Feng Shui, and a symbol in shamanism for transformation and seeing in a new light.