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Beat of the Drum – Beat of the Heart

Drums have also played a strong part in our spiritual development, and shaman leaders around the world have used drums to lift their people into a state of consciousness beyond the normal day to day beta rhythm.

Exploring Sacred Space

The term “sacred space” has been used in many ways. It has represented the sanctity of the human body and the soul-presence …

Shamanism is Spiritual by Nature

Shamanism is directly connected with spirituality.  The shaman works on a spiritual or energetic level.  Some shamans travel on a soul level, …

Native Jewelry is More than Just Looks

It is important that the maker of native jewelry hold wisdom in the mixing of the gemstones, patterning, and the tone set while making the native jewelry or native healing tools. Some will call in the ancestors, others the angels.

Dragonfly Magical Totem Spirits

Dragonflies are ancient insects dating back over 180 million years old. In the USA alone there are over 650 species of dragonflies in the US alone. These amazing creatures have been a symbol of grace in teachings of Feng Shui, and a symbol in shamanism for transformation and seeing in a new light.