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Awareness in Life

10 11 12 Are We Making Progress?

Today’s date, 10/11/12 is yet another of the thought-provoking number combinations. Is there intuitive meaning in this seemingly progressive date? No matter …

innovation and intuitive meaning

Setting Boundaries In Your Personal Life

My space: No, this is not an article about a website, we’re actually talking about the invisible aura of energy around you called your “space”. Your space is your energetic territory, the collection of your physical experience: emotions, events, perceptions, knowing, communication, feelings, and personal power. Your personal space is unique to you, but not always your own.

Your Personal Great Awakening

What does this mean, “your personal great awakening“? Once we emerge from sleep, we wish to experience emotions of non secular and …

Why You Should Build Optimism

Optimism! Everything is based on our positive perception of our own personality, the events occurring around us and life itself. As long …

Why We Give Thanks

The month of November centers primarily around Thanksgiving, and the act of giving thanks can range from the warmth felt as family …

P.D. Rids You Of E.D.

Get your mind out of the gutter! We aren’t talking about the “little blue pill.” We are talking about the fact that …

All About Past Life Healing

Past life healing is carried out to gain an insight into who we are and what our past life was all about. This is Infact a distinctive way to tackle troubles hidden in the subconscious. These problems are of the past life which we are carried with us till date.