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Why Do We Give Anything Meaning?

Throughout any lifetime there are countless times where we quantify and qualify our events. From the moment we are born we are …

Awaiting the Soul's Return

Awaiting the Soul’s Return

Awaiting the soul’s return: what does that mean? What intuitive meaning can be discovered through our focus on our own soul, and …

Fulfilling Your Dream Is A Powerful Statement

I have been tasked this week in reconnecting with many people I have recently met to share support as well as find resources to help me in my own mission. We have a word for this, its called networking. As I began writing those emails I realized I had more to share with each of those contacts.

The Concept of the Soul

The soul has been defined and described by religions and poets throughout the ages, yet to date there is no definitive, universal …

May Your Wish Come True

May your wish come true.  How many times in a lifetime do we practice the ancient art of wishing? Looking back, we …

Goddess Worship in Cultures Worldwide

Goddess wisdom has influenced us throughout time around the world, with messages and spiritual support bringing comfort to many, even in our “modern times”.

10 11 12 Are We Making Progress?

Today’s date, 10/11/12 is yet another of the thought-provoking number combinations. Is there intuitive meaning in this seemingly progressive date? No matter …