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The Benefits of Prayer

Prayer plays an important role in its relationship with our Heavenly Father. Bibles in more than 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing.” …

The Discipline Of Personal Prophecy

One of the most controversial aspects of the current religious world involves that of personal prophecy. The ultimate aim of this activity …

Man-Made Holy Days

Man-Made Holy Days Are Unsupported By Scripture And Historical Evidence. We are persuaded that there is no scriptural warrant for such observances, …

What Does Extra Sensory Mean

In ESP or Extra sensory perception, primary means, i. e our five senses are not used to get information from the other person, instead there are some other means used. Our five senses include tasting see, smelling, hearing and feeling. extra sensory perception is actually mental telepathy and a person is able to increase his mind power over another person by big leaps when he is able to develop extra sensory perception. Information can be exchanged almost at will by possessing this ability and you are also able to influence things which are essential to you if you have this power.

Is Mind Over Matter Just A Myth?

Physical perception has led to the general belief that the will or the mind is assertive enough to overpower the urges of the body. The phrase in today’s literature refers to, the exact opposite of the expected reaction to a stimulus. We can give examples of touching scalding water, experiencing extreme physical pain without flinching or a mother wildebeest fighting a lion to save her calf.

The Deeksha Blessing: What Is It All About?

Many ways of worshiping God exist for different people. Believers in God or a god will use a variety of methods to do this. Two popular methods are by meditating or praying. Some like to use the Deeksha Blessing for this purpose.