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Hinduism and the Powerful Devi Durga

The Hindu beliefs say that goddess Durga is the reason behind creation, preservation and destruction of the universe, therefore mother to all …

The Ancient History of Barry, South Wales

In the 1700’s, dishes, saws, knives, flints, a scraper, a prehistoric horn celt with strange markings, a spokeshave and some arrowheads from the Neolithic Period were found. These are now safely housed in the museum in Cardiff, but at the time no one thought to organize an excavation and later a housing estate was built on the site.

The Meaning of Creation: Gen-Isis

The video Genisis First Book of Revelations; Isis Book delves into the theories disclosed in the book Genisis: First book of Revelations. …

Celtic Legends – Culture Dieties

This video gives a comprehensive overview of many Celtic dieties. Of the gods named on inscriptions nearly all are identified with Mercury, …