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Christ and Christianity

Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

Forgiveness has recompense not only for heaven but also for one’s experience now. Forgiveness brings about happiness. It gives rise to an …

Has Honor Become Outdated in The USA?

Webster’s dictionary definition of honor: ” official dignity, repute, esteem “a keen sense of wrong and right “adherence to actions or beliefs …

By The Renewing Of The Mind: We Grow

There’s nothing permanent in this world aside from change. Everything definitely will change. Everything grows. That is the truth to life. And …

A Christmas Prayer

O MERCIFUL, Eternal God, heavenly Father we, Thy children thank Thee from the inmost of our hearts, that Thou hast so faithfully …

Christmas Prayer

Christianity is just one of many ways to experience our spiritual self, and of all the religious days associated with christianity the …

Science Meets Theology In David And Goliath

It is very possible that no tale from the Bible is more popular or recounted as frequently as the Old Testament account of David and Goliath. One of God’s best lessons of faith comes with this story and that lesson is if you trust in Him, no problem is too large to tackle. When seen through God’s eyes, what may seem to us to be insurmountable problems become less intimidating. With him behind you, you can handle anything.

A Higher Source of Power

As spring time has arrived I’ve had the pleasure of watching some people outside enjoying the nice weather by flying kites. I always love the time of year when winter turns to spring, and seeing kites in the sky reminds me of a story that I used with children during my days as a teacher and a missionary. The story was about a kite that desired to fly through the air like a jet. He tried very hard to be like a jet, but he simply didn’t have the right source of power.

Seeing How God Blesses Our Lives

Not too long ago I heard a story that made me laugh. It’s about a woman who had three wealthy sons that wanted to do something special for her 80th birthday. They appreciated all the love she had given them and the hard work she had done to bring them up.

Keys To Having A Daily Quiet Time With God

Keeping a consistent daily quiet time with God is one of the hardest things we face in our Christian life. Why? Because our adversary the devil, knows that therein lays the secret of our strength and victory as believers. If he can get us off track, our power and wisdom are diminished, therefore, it’s essential to develop the habit of regularly meeting with God.

All Of Us Are Precious In God’s Sight

As you live your life day-by-day, there will probably be some times that you think your life really doesn’t make a difference. You may think that no one around you is being impacted by you and the things you do, and that no one would really notice if you were gone.

Giant-Sized Faith

In the Bible we find a famous story about two very different men. One was a huge man, literally a giant, who did not know God. The other was a small young man who knew God, loved God, and aimed to follow God’s calling for his life.