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The Art Of Manifesting

Before we can discuss its merits we need to know what manifesting essentially means. It is a way of creating what you want through the power of your own mind and at a time in life that you want it to happen.

If The Laws Of Attraction Work Why Are You Still Broke?

I am a positive caring and loving being that puts the needs of other people before myself. I love the universe and I am open to any experience that propels me towards enlightenment. I am attracting all that I want and everyday I receive abundance and material wealth. This is how most people think the laws of attraction are supposed to work.

Manifesting Money Under Pressure: Shifting Out of a Scarcity Mentality

Manifesting money with the law of attraction can only be accomplished if you learn how to control your thoughts so that you are focusing more of your attention on abundance, and steadily turning away from examples of scarcity and lack. Even during good times this can be tough to do, but it seems downright impossible when you seem to be stuck in big financial challenges.