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How Do I Trust My Intuition?

Trust has been a topic of discussion since the beginning of time. There have been many names for those who betray the …

meaning of twilight

The Meaning Of Twilight

Skating on the edge of Halloween can easily conjure up thoughts about the darker side of life. Darkness can be a scary …

celebrate your inner weird

Celebrate Your Inner Weird

Have you ever been told “you’re so weird”? There’s a tremendous amount of validation and power to be found in “fitting in”. …

how to make good connections

How To Make Good Connections

What is the secret on how to make good connections? The answer may be closer than you think! This world is all …

how to forgive yourself

How to Forgive Yourself

Is there an intuitive meaning for forgiveness? Most definitely. It brings into play our ability to complete a cycle. By turning within we can, on our own, resolve the situation. It is important to understand that we are not always on the same wavelength, and we cannot give our attention and focus to everything all of the time. Most mistakes are not intentional, and in fact they might have been made by an act that was intended out of love or appreciation. How many times have you seen someone go overboard in their giving just so others would see that they care?

what does intuitive mean

What Does Intuitive Mean?

The word intuitive has been strongly associated with metaphysical abilities, linked to words like “psychic” or “gut level feeling”. From my observations …

christmas presence, peace connected

Christmas Presence

Christmas Presence: What does that mean? Any literal meaning can and will always be open for debate. What about the meaning within, …

thanksgiving giving thanks

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks –

I remember my childhood Thanksgivings. We had so many visiting that our Thanksgiving dinner spanned though both the formal dining room and …