November – the Month of Gratitude in Action

November is known for the Thanksgiving holiday, a time we associate with family gatherings, football, and lots of food. Do we still connect with the origins of Thanksgiving, a time of sharing and celebration? With so many things to do, tasks to complete, and distractions in our lives, are we still capable of shifting into a thought or two of gratitude and thanks?

A Grateful Heart

What is a grateful heart? Is it a sense of sincerity? Is gratitude a humble statement? Gratitude is not a single-cell thought: it takes recognition, value, and return to create gratitude. Shifting our focus into the attitude of gratitude is like a banquet for the soul, for when we allow ourselves to feel and express gratitude the experience allows connectivity, communication, and can be very healing for everyone involved.

Thank You

We all know how to say thank you, though many of us could benefit from the more practical use of these words that require such a tiny investment of time and breath. What a great exercise in developing our consciousness, to ask ourselves when we say ” thank you”, who we say it to, and why.

Sharing a Thank You for Little Acts of Kindness

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in our thoughts, the things we have to do and the tasks still unfinished. How often do we pay attention to the angels around us, the people who give without expectation? What if those little acts of kindness were dollar bills, would you pay attention, would you say “thank you”?

Getting Past Our Hesitation

Why do any of us hesitate to say thank you? Simple enough – we have been trained through conditioning. Sometimes we learn that “thank you” is something forced out of us, like a trick the dog performs when given a certain command. When you behave out of conditioning, is that a sign of true gratitude?

Getting down to your true sense of gratitude can take courage. The core of your heart energy is a powerful yet impressionable space. That reflex action to hide is done partially out of fear, but also out of love – you really don’t want that core part of you to get hurt.

There are two sides to every coin. While there is a sense of self-preservation in keeping your sparkle and unconditional love is hidden away, there is also the denial of self that takes place when you give in to your fear. Just remember, just like any muscle in your body, you become stronger through the use of your abilities. Start expressing your gratitude and love in what should be the safest space for you – within.

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