Giving Thanks So Openly To The Light

Here we are, in the midst of November, the month of Thanksgiving. We give thanks for those we love, those special people who taught us, connected with us, became our friends. Gratitude is certainly an attitude, a choice you and I are free to embrace.

Giving Thanks, Intuitively

Giving thanks is a time when you can recall not the face-to-face time with others but also the intuitive meaning behind the life experiences you share with all those people in your world.

intuitive meaningThis is a time when you can bring the intuitive value of your life into your consciousness, from its guarded intuitive space, and let it flow out into the world, so open to the light.

Luckily we are able to speak, share, remember and express our feelings out loud. All this is made possible by the world around us, the time and space. There is a lifetime of moments that you can use for expression of your soul within this world. All this is done with scarcely a glimmer of thought as to what a great gift it is for a soul to experience life.

Every day you can turn your focus to a different topic, giving thanks for the life you live. Today ca be bringing focus to something you talk about in casual conversation, but often take for granted,

the way I see itGiving Thanks

So Openly To The Light

Light – image of beauty, image of gladness –  how wondrously is it compounded  – painting everything it touches in such variety of colors.

How remote its birth-place, how long its journey of kindness! Yet though it travels so far, and so fast, accumulating power as it goes, it is so soft, so safe, that it impinges not on the delicate eye, nor inflicts mischief on the most sensitive surface.

To give us this cheerful illumination, to furnish light for the poor man’s toil, what a vast and costly machinery is employed! The whole planetarium of the heavens is preserved in proper equilibrium, attraction, and motion – the sun, like a mighty monarch, leading forth his train of attendant orbs, and scattering joy in his path.

“Truly the light is sweet; and a pleasant thing it is to behold the sun.” Let us not forget the blessing and the wonder.

Thanksgiving by William Adams, published 1867

Practicing The Art Of Giving Thanks

The act of giving thanks is one that can be practiced, instilling the energy of gratitude into everyday living. It’s the job of your brain to minimize the bigger things in life. It’s all a part of gaining understanding, to break down ideas, interactions, events into something that makes sense.

But there is another side to life experience, the deeper level of intuitive meaning,  This is where you retain those experiences as heart-felt, enriching, even sacred.

You have two ways to measure the moments in your life: you can surrender yourself to that divine space within, that place where you cherish those things you appreciate in your life, no matter how challenging they may be,  What is the other option? To live only on the level of the day to day world, where the stories we create rule over your heart and soul.

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