Is Friday The 13th Really An Unlucky Day? Make It Empowering.

Today is Friday the 13th. It seems almost natural to have a Friday the 13th in the same month as Halloween, just to spice things up a little, right? Given the possible spectrum of events of any other day, it’s on days like Friday the 13th that eerie, unexpected, and downright creepy things are more closely scrutinized.

It seems almost natural to have a Friday the 13th in the same month as Halloween. Given the events of any other day, it’s on days like Friday the 13th that eerie, unexpected, and downright creepy things are more closely scrutinized.

Triskaidekaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th, can range from a jovial fear to a phobia that influences a person’s thoughts and actions. Spilled the salt? Quick, throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder.

“Can Friday the 13th be a good thing?”

The events on any day can be beneficial when you apply a cool head and a more conscious approach.

“Why the number 13?”

Maybe it’s all about power. In Mayan numerology the number 13 was sacred, not scary. Looking at this date intuitively, measured against the traditional numerology used today, I see the number 13 as a step in evolution/wisdom. It’s hard to control someone who knows and thinks for themselves. Looking back in history, not to mention things happening today, there are a lot of examples of “knocking down the tall poppies” aka controlling the population.

number 13Let’s not forget that the number 13 is a prime number. Those who study numerology will not break down a prime number, like 11. Those numbers are thought to be powerful numbers – again, it’s all about power.

Let’s get back historically to the number 13. There was a gang-related massacre that happened on a Friday, the 13th day of the month. That event might have created some of the superstitions that shaped Friday the 13th as an unfortunate day. My logical brain says no, not really, but then when I look at the beautiful columbine flowers in my garden I cannot help but think of that horrible event at a school in 1999. Events do shape your thinking, and your mind will seek safety, finding answers, no matter how far-fetched those ideas can be.

One of the most common beliefs that relate to the number 13 as a bad thing is the betrayal of Jesus by the 13th person at the last supper.

“Can I make Friday the 13th be a good day?”

Ever hear the expression, “knock on wood”? It means doing something unrelated (knocking on wood) to prevent something good from going wrong. “I haven’t lost yet, knock on wood”. Why wood? Energetically, wood is natural, coming from a living tree. Trees can be especially grounding. Trees can also help you draw your energy back to the present time so that you can be aware of what is happening and be more conscious in your decisions.

What else can you do to make Friday the 13th be a good day? Well, sometimes bad things can happen unconsciously as a way of getting out of something you don’t want to do. Why don’t you want to do whatever that is? Maybe you have conflicting information or beliefs. You could also have thoughts, conscious or unconscious, of what you have to give up in order to get whatever it is you fear to achieve. How can you get a get a clearer perspective during this

What if you were to use Friday the 13th as a day of taking a more conscious, soul-based approach in life? How do you do this? Here are some ideas:

  • Have faith. Talk with your higher self, aka your soul, and ask for insights and awareness as needed to help you make good decisions. Ask for the day to unfold “for the greater good”.
  • Connect. We talked about trees, knocking on wood. Did you know that trees typically have a root system as big as the branches and leafs above ground? Find a tree, and ask that tree to support your own grounding. No trees in sight? Close your eyes and picture a tree, and let your creative-self have a little fun. Let your grounding be rooted. Let the tree embrace you. As you become more grounded, notice that time – slows – down.
  • Be generous in nature. This is not intended to be restricted to financial. Be kind to others, do something nice for someone else. Say hello and smile at someone you’d not typically connect to. All those little bits and pieces of kindness and creativity are much more powerful than any superstition. Oh, and be kind to yourself while you are at it. Say hello, tell yourself how proud you are for taking that next step or tackling that big challenge.

Friday the 13th – Turning the tide

I googled “Friday the 13th Superstition” and was surprised, well not so surprised, to see so many listings for this day. Why are so many writing about Friday the 13th? There are a lot of news outlets and bloggers who subscribe to the idea that the way to get attention is to write about something bad going on, something that you MUST become aware of, for your own … whatever.

For most of us Friday the 13th might come up in trivial conversation, and get a good laugh. When something goes wrong today, it can be blamed on that darn 13th thing. Hey, you can still (quietly and internally) use the steps of Mayan empowerment in the numbers 11-12-13.

11. own your experience

12. turn experience into wisdom

13. integrate this wisdom into your next step in your journey of life.

Is Friday the 13th really an unlucky day? Make it empowering.

God bless.

For the fun of it, here’s a “Superstitions and Taboos” article from the pulp magazine Weird Tales (November 1941, vol. 36, no. 2, pages 43 & 44).



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