August 21 2017 Solar Eclipse – Taking Our Self Control

The 2017 solar eclipse is upon us, on Monday, August 21, 2017.  The last total solar eclipse, at least in my area, was in 1962.

There are many articles about the upcoming eclipse, for example here’s a link to see how the eclipse will be seen in your area. For me, it will be nearly a total eclipse. The total eclipse pathway is just a little bit south of my area. Nonetheless, it will be a sight to see – provided you have the proper eyewear. Never look at an eclipse through a camera or without protective eyewear! Sunglasses are woefully insufficient for eclipse eye protection.

Events like an eclipse is a big deal! The emperor in China had his astronomers beheaded for failing to predict the eclipse in 2037 B.C.

The Greeks recorded in clay tablets that  “the sun was put to shame”.

The meaning of a total solar eclipse

Well, from a science standpoint, we have both solar and lunar eclipse. A total eclipse means that if you are in the path there will be a complete eclipse with only the “aura” around the sun remaining visible.

What about any spiritual or intuitive meaning of this total eclipse? Let’s look at a few perspectives! Let’s look at it as headlines.

A solar eclipse takes control!

One thing that a solar eclipse shows us it’s not about you, or me. From the human’s perspective, how could that be? Mankind has been looking into events, cause and effect, since the beginning of time!

Things like a solar eclipse really do call out the human’s ability, or curse, to examine events from a “what about me?” perspective. While this ability can serve you well, it can also become twisted in interpreting what someone does or says, and read something into it. From an energy standpoint, these couple of days preceding the eclipse would be a good time to let go of misguiding perceptions and focus solely on the experience. Thinking is great, but overthinking can overshadow experience (much like an eclipse!).

The solar eclipse and the end of the world as we know it!

Doomsday talk has got to be the original “fake news”. Nostradamus was one of the more famous doomsday predictors. Fear is amazing when used “as directed”, but fear can pull you away from following your own path or trusting your own information.

Long ago, before the days of writing, tv, and internet, an eclipse could come about totally unexpected. People believed that it was the end of the world, or that evil would follow. THe Chippewas launched flaming arrows toward to the sun, hoping to relight it. Others thought they were being punished and shouted toward the darkened sky that they would work harder if the sun returned.

The Solar Eclipse Brings Lovers Together!

Doomsday wasn’t necessarily the only reaction to a total solar eclipse. The moon is thought to be male, and the sun female. So in many cultures, it was the union between the sun and the moon. That’s Amore’!


How will you react to the total solar eclipse?

Any response to the eclipse can be very individual. Some people are so tuned in with their electronics that they won’t notice a thing. But there are many individuals, you, for example, who have some degree of energy awareness.

You can stay open to experiencing how the time before, during, and after the eclipse, affects your behavior, mood, and energy. You can also use this time for your own energy “tune up”. Here are a few ideas:

  • Slow down a little, and notice how you feel. Communicate from mind to emotions, and heart to spirit. Hello is a powerful word.
  • Asking questions, internally, can bring about some amazing responses!  Ask, from your consciousness, if there is anything your soul would like you to become aware of during these days. Ask if there is anything you are ready to let go of and let it go!
  • Be kind to yourself. This is a great opportunity not just for release, but renewal and healing.
  • Focusing on this whole “light and dark” event. Go back to the idea of your sun and your moon creating a rendezvous, and let your own sun and moon (or your light and your dark) reconnect.

Stay safe, the traffic around the total eclipse path is going to be crazy! Protect your eyes, and enjoy a moment that you could possibly never see again in your lifetime.



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