Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Comet Passing!

Today is a triple event in astrology. There is a penumbral lunar eclipse, the snow full moon, and the closest comet nearing the earth in 30 years. Certainly the energy has built. Many have complained this week of making crazy little mistakes, having things go wrong.

Is this a bad thing?

Energy Breakup

With any kind of change there will be a release of the “old stuff”. Look around at what is happening now under the guise of politics. Many are expressing anger, but where is that anger coming from?  The first place to look is within. People are masters at burying emotions, they have had to suppress their emotions on many occasions throughout life. At some point suppressed emotions will no long lie dormant, not when they have become a barrier to personal growth.

Be thankful for these catalysts that help you reach that next level of creativity, self reliance, and strength. What can you do to ease these transitions? Be mindful not to project the unconscious energies at others, blaming on any level. Use the ho oponopono to help diffuse the energy. One of the secrets of releasing old emotional energy is completing the cycle, allowing the energy to be communicated, with compassion, from body to spirit.

I often schedule sessions to support energy releases in a safe, supported, and powerful healing space. Amazing things can happen within a 30 minute session!

penumbral lunar eclipseThe Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo

The lunar eclipse on Friday 10 February 2017 is at 22 degrees Leo. Being born under the sign Leo I certainly understand the adaptogen effect.

This is a time for balancing relationships, including your soul’s relationship with it’s physical presence. There is so much opportunity today and in the days to come!

So much has happened in the months prior to this event. It is time to shed a little light, pun intended with the full moon, lunar eclipse, and comet situation.

Emotional healing during a full moon eclipse comet passing

  • What keeps “crossing your path”, seemingly a little too close for comfort?
  • What light are you ready to let shine that has been hidden within?
  • How does your darkness and light work together to give you your own lunar eclipse? Remember, an eclipse is captivating, mind provoking, but quickly passes.

Blessings, have a glorious time!

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