Winter Solstice 2016

winter_solstice_revolving_earthWinter solstice comes around on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016. On this day, the darkest of the year, you can use this day for a shift in your own life. As a participant in life, you can also contribute energy toward a new dawn, and brighter days to come. That’s exactly what will happen, per the solstice and sun: starting December 21st, 2016 the days will shift from increased darkness to the gradual increase in light.

What is Winter Solstice?

The word solstice references “Sol” – the sun. The sun sustains life in this universe. In our world the cycles serve a purpose, whether it be renewal or rest, productivity or transition back to the elements. You can be the sun within your own life, the light, the radiance.

The Intuitive Meaning of Solstice

The solstice has many meanings. It is the most extreme day of the year, aside from the longest day of the spring solstice.

What experience do you have when something is “extreme”? The word extreme can be overwhelming, out of balance. It is in our nature to seek balance, whether we’re able to achieve that balance or not. Most people who talk about happiness speak also about having found balance.

The solstice is also a turning point, heading in the direction of that day of balance. What can the solstice say about our human nature and experience in life?

You and I, and the winter solstice

We are always in motion, transitioning and even balancing our own life, and the world around us. Stepping out of judgment, our experiences give us a chance to look more closely at what brings happiness, and what brings benefit to ourselves and others. To be in service to others and the world around us is to restore, make better, and support nature for the days to come.

Blessing prayers for this winter solstice 2016

You can choose from any of these ideas, or use them as a springboard into your own creative expression:

  • Use this time, before the solstice, for finishing up old business, letting go of what no longer serves you. Create your own countdown for a rebirth-like shift. As you let go, remember to replenish with love, creativity, permission, abundance, and any other energy that will support you in the days to come.
  • Light a candle, offering your support and acceptance of the transition toward light (do not leave lit candles unattended)
  • Use white sage, cedar, sweetgrass for a smudging prayer blessing. This can be a time where you allow yourself to step out of judgment, negativity, dislike. Focus instead on “the greater good”.
  • Let this day be the start of your own personal growth: allow self expression, arising from love and divine presence. Every day, allow yourself to focus on what you have experienced, and how you can express yourself in a way that promotes light, love and life.
  • Focus on your own healing experience. Darkness isn’t something bad. See it as stillness, quiet, the resting place for the life that will soon spring forth. Use this time to nurture, protect, and prepare for whatever it is you want “growing in your garden”.
  • Offer a prayer of hope and support for your family, community, work group, country. Keep it clean, stepping out of struggle and duality, and into the alliance of spirit and life.

Good luck with your winter solstice 2016 experience! Have fun!

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