The Intuitive Meaning of Sacred Space

Sacred space – what does that mean? Is it a place you go to, or is it something that any one of us can create? What is the intuitive meaning of sacred space? Can something so simple be a powerful tool for living a productive, creative life?

Sacred Places

There are places thought to be sacred. For example, there are seven places around the world that are thought to be the chakras of the world. Mount Shasta, located in northern California, is said to be the root chakra of the world. Then there are the buildings in Europe built intentionally, so it is thought, on ley lines, intersections of energy that are said to be powerful places. Yes, mankind can take advantage of the power of the earth, but this kind of power can never be as powerful as the sacred space we can create as spirit.

sacred spaceThe Power of Sacred Space

All those individuals who have connected with me for a private session, whether by phone, Skype, or in person, have seen the power of sacred space. Even those individuals who are so excited to get “right to it” in their session have found themselves almost instantly shifting into a more calming, healing .. space.

What do we call it, this “sacred space?” Is it a state of mind? No, it’s far beyond the workings of the mind. Is it created by our environment, the “ambiance” we create with candles, aromatherapy, locks on the door? Those things certainly can enhance, but we all know that our peace of mind doesn’t come to us in a package.

long life and happiness - creating sacred spaceThe Intuitive meaning of Sacred Space

Every session I perform begins with sacred space, regardless of the time or place. Why? It supports the intent and purpose of the session, taking it beyond talk and into recognition, alliance, healing, and  a linger sense of self. What do I do to create that sacred space? That’s a whole other topic, and though the time it takes is minimal, it’s power is beyond the words, thoughts, and actions.

What is the intuitive meaning of sacred space? For me, it is something I offer, a part of each session that is rarely talked about, but is greatly appreciated. For you, the intuitive meaning of sacred space will be purely your own. Is it something that happens without words or agenda?

Creating safe and sacred space is a a powerful way to create a cooperative environment for both your physical world and your greater self. That in itself is a blessing, and it’s only the beginning.

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