Healing In Living Color

It’s clear that the ability to taste brings us great pleasure, and of course there are those foods that inspire all those funny faces. What about our other senses?  Do you enjoy the sound of a and crunch of a sweet, ripe apple? What about sight? Yes, real food is nutritional, filled with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. What more, real food is filled with electrolyte-rich water.

fruit_vegetable_color_healingA study named Color Preference and Food Choice Among Children showed that children prefer, in order: red, green, orange, then yellow foods. In an abstract of a study “Color as a factor in food choice“, the author states that color could actually replace sugar and still maintain the impression of sweetness. Color truly does affect your mind, but what about your emotions and spirit?

The Meaning of Food Color

Here’s a little snippet about colors from a Chinese medicine perspective, found in An Historical and Descriptive Account of China published in 1836:

All medicines that are green are considered to belong to the element wood and operate on the liver
the red belong to fire and operate on the heart
the yellow to earth and operate on the stomach
the white belong to metal and operate on the lungs
black medicines belong to water and operate on the kidneys

This is the doctrine of the five colors in nature

Healing in living color

Ever hear the expression, “As above, so below”? Each of us has multiple levels: the density, cellular physical body; the “love it/hate it” signals hidden in emotions; the never-ending “thinker” of the mind; and the guidance and passion of the soul.

What is the purpose of food? It is to replenish. Most foods (processed) have little nutrition, and often have a negative effect. Negative? Yes, it takes the minerals and enzymes in your body to process those foods, which means eating foods that are highly processed and void of nutrients actually depletes you. You might be getting calories, but not the “life” of the food. No wonder so many have foggy brains, little energy, and lack enthusiasm.

So, step one is to choose real foods, and the fresher the better. At my house, eating is often “grazing”, and the fresh snow peas, tomatoes, and greens are typically consumed on the spot.

That covers the physical side. What about other levels? “As above, so below”.

Here are a few ideas to bring the Healing In Living Color into your life on every level!


How do you translate the color of foods into a healing for emotions?

  • Think about the colors that surround you – what you wear, your furniture, your environment. A walk in nature can be very healing for emotions, bringing in oxygen and movement that helps detoxify both physically and emotionally. Green = liver, and detoxifying is the key to your physical and emotional health.
  • Ever work with aromatherapy?  Essential oils are powerful tools for healing. You can use a diffuser, or just open the bottle and take a deep breath.


Your mind is a powerful tool, helping assess your environment, both external and internal.

  • Try meditation. One tip for those practicing meditation: sometimes you have to tell your mind to take a break. If you find thoughts creeping back in, just “shhhh” your mind for 10 seconds, then 20 seconds, etc. Directive during meditation should come from your soul, not your head.
  • Have you ever helped someone by saying a few simple words?  “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “thank you”, “please forgive me”.  Try the ho’oponopono to find some relief when your mental processes spin you in a loop.


Your spirit, or soul, is the unseen but strongly felt “presence”. It does take choice, and persistence, to be present in the “here and now”.

  • What makes the ho’oponopono so powerful? It most closely matches what your soul has to offer: forgiveness, gratitude, and love. Repeat these phrases several times, and feel it’s calming and replenishing effect.
  • Use colors in your meditation.
    • Green for detoxifying negative, harmful thoughts and feelings.
    • Yellow for integration and wisdom, letting experiences transition into knowledge.
    • Red for your energy flow: remember that your blood has two roles, to bring oxygen and nutrition to the cells, and to carry away what no longer serves you.
    • White for the breath, the unseen but vital part of life.
    • Black, or absence of color, for water. Think capacity, what you are able to absorb, and conduit of energy. Water is vital for conducting the electrical impulses in your body. Without it you may be stuck feeling lonely, or lacking, and resistant to what you are feeling. It could just be your body telling you to eat a fresh apple, and smile.


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