Mercury Transit – What To Know, How To See The Transit

What is a Mercury transit? It is a time when Mercury passes in front of the sun. This event only happens 12-13 times in a century, making this event a special one, indeed!

Mercury – Lord of Wisdom

mercury and symbolism
Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. What meaning does Mercury have, in a spiritual sense? Many spiritual teachers over the centuries have shared their perspectives. In the book The Secret Doctrine, written by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the Planet Mercury, also known as Budha, is referred to as the “Lord of Wisdom”. Mercury is known as the messenger, connected to communication. To truly communicate, one must also have understanding. Therefore Mercury does truly relate to this title as “Lord of Wisdom”.

Mercury and Movement

map of mercuryMercury is also associated with speed, and by revolving around in sun in only 88 days, it is the fastest planet. This connects mercury with both travel and movement.  Could there also be a connection between Mercury’s movement with our own human life cycle and movement through life? Mercury is associated with business, but it is also said that those born with an afflicted Mercury in their chart is destined to be a career criminal. Besides that, Peter Pan complex is seen as an afflicted Mercury in the third house.

The Intuitive Side of a Mercury Transit

mercury the messengerWe associate spirituality and evolution with the light, and with the Mercury Transit being the passage of Mercury between Earth and the Sun, the energy can be charged for our own passage into the light.

What can you do during this time of passage?  Can you utilize this astrological event as a catalyst for healing and enlightenment in your own life? We are a world of association, reflection, and joining forces for the greater good.

  • You can bring focus and commitment during this time as a personal cleansing and time of evolvement.
    • No time for “self” during the transit time?  Try setting the energy before the event. Use Sunday evening as a time for prayer, meditation, self-care, and shifting your energy for the days to follow. Remember, the time leading into as well as the time that follows are just as important as the event itself.
      • What direction are you taking in life? Is today the day to initiate a change, or correction for your life direction?
      • What about your own evolution? Are you ready to take that “next step”, bringing greater awareness and enlightenment into your life.What is your relation to time? Is it passing too quickly?
      • Are you challenged to keep up with everything in your life?  Mercury goes full circle in 88 days, as opposed to our 365 days. Perhaps this is a time to ease up, at least for a few minutes, and bring greater depth into each moment.
      • Bring a little more light, transit pun intended, to your communication. Clarity, comprehension, and enlightenment are keys to successful communication. Focus not just on your communication with others, but also your communication within. You can ask for support in clearing your inner voice, making this a great time for letting go of un-supporting influences and energies. You can also set the time of the Mercury Transit as a time for completing internal communications left unsaid or broken.
      • Talk to Buddha. Give thanks for the opportunities and experiences you have been given. Give offerings of love, kindness, appreciation and enthusiasm. Ask that your offerings be returned to you, in a way that will delight and encourage you in the days to come.
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See the Mercury Transit LIVE!

NASA is offering a free, live viewing of the passing of Mercury in front of the Sun on Monday, May 9, 2016 between 7:12 a.m. to 2:42 p.m. EST.


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