Trick Or Treat – Halloween Traditions and Intuitive Meaning

halloween goblins meaningWelcome to October, a month of transition. In the weeks to come we will offer you many articles on Halloween traditions. We’ve even added in our Holidays category a section devoted totally to Halloween!

The month of October is a time of old-world harvest that kicks off at the harvest moon and fall equinox and carries into the transitional month of October.

Traditionally this transition of seasons from summer growth to fall and winter was a time of celebration. In older days this was something that was greatly needed by the “common people” following their hard work throughout the growing season. From those old world rites and rituals of the harvest season we’ve grown into our present day traditions of Trick or Treat on “all hallows eve“.

Halloween – Trick or Treat or All-Hallowed?

Halloween itself lies on the final day of October, and is associated with the eve of All Saints Day. It was believed that on this evening that the spirit world had a stronger gateway to the physical world, bringing in the meaning of meta, or “beyond”, the metaphysical aspect of our world that is full of wonder and mystery.

Halloween Month at Intuitive Meaning

halloween meaningThis month we will weave into our postings a series of stories on the meaning of Halloween and the many rites, rituals, legends and beliefs that comprise our present day halloween traditions. This leads us into the month of November, starting off with All Saints Day, and the honor given to those who have passed on from our physical lives.

In November we also tap into the tradition called Thanksgiving, one of the few traditions that is widely honored in the USA.  We can weave all of these into a common thread, one of value, honor, and the empowerment that comes from our shared stories and the growth of wisdom.

Here are only a few of our articles on Halloween traditions and beliefs!

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Have a wonderful October and a fun-filled safe Halloween. Please share your comments and stories, as well as your Halloween traditions!

Trick Or Treat – Halloween Traditions and Intuitive Meaning © 2011 Author Estee Taschereau is a metaphysical writer and counselor, offering insights into the spirit and soul that clear doubt and strengthen our ability to create and express ourselves.

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