Halloween Tarot Readings

Halloween is a tradition of costumes, candy, and festivities, but in earlier times it was  sacred day, all Hallows eve. This was the eve of All Saints Day, and for the common people all Hallows eve was the one time of the year that was thought to bridge the living with the spirit world. Could Halloween Tarot be a way to relay messages from our higher consciousness and our spiritual circle?

halloween tarotHalloween and Tarot

Another bridge we have between the living world and the spiritual world is Tarot.

Can tarot be used as a halloween “bridge”? Most definitely! Each card is filled with intuitive meaning. The card itself has meaning, but it takes thought to turn its meaning into insightful, personal information.

Traditional Tarot cards are also filled with symbolic meaning in the design and details, giving opportunity to connect the dots and gather tidbits to help you paint the bigger picture.

Halloween Tarot Readings

One of the most popular Halloween traditions is to include a tarot reader or psychic at a halloween party. While this is all in fun both tarot and psychic readings are far from “games”. Both method for finding intuitive meaning give clarity and insights that can explain the past, describe the present, even give clues into what the future holds.

Halloween Tarot Questions and Messages

How can you use Tarot to find a special Halloween Tarot message? There are many tarot spreads you can use, but the power is really found in the question. Here are a few examples:

  • What message from my higher self am I ready to hear today?
  • What do my spirit guides and spiritual alliance have to offer me today?
  • Are there areas (1, 3, 5 areas? – be specific) for me to focus on in the months to come?
  • What virtue (Tarot cards focus on virtues or abilities) is a strength that I have not recognized in myself?

Looking for a fun, creative new tarot deck?  Check out The Halloween Tarot Deck & Book Set: 78-Card Deck [With Book].

Have a happy Halloween tarot and all!

Halloween Tarot Readings © 2012-2015 Ava Saadi. About the author: Ava enjoys good food, healthy directions, and spiritually-enriching experiences, including sharing her love of Reiki Energy Healing.

About the image: This fresco is commonly known as The Tarocchi Players. It is from the Casa Borromeo, in Milan, and was probably painted in the 1440s.

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