Celebrate Your Inner Weird

Have you ever been told “you’re so weird”? There’s a tremendous amount of validation and power to be found in “fitting in”. Then again, is “fitting in” really fulfilling, or rewarding?

What about the opposite side of the spectrum, those little nuances that some people see in you, and at times even verbalize by saying “you’re so weird”. It’s time for you and I to celebrate how weird is wonderful. You and I, we are the spices of the world.

Celebrate your inner weird

  • Pull your attention out of feeling even more weird when someone says “you’re weird”, and shift it gently to the person who made the comment. Most of the time they just don’t “get it”. Ever feed a baby a new food?  The look on their face, priceless!  Once they get over that initial surprise, that food could become a favorite! Someone who takes the acidic route, saying “you’re weird” is either stuck, or just getting that first taste of something new to them.
  • “Right place, right time” – I can easily talk about finding your circle of people, and “you day will come”. The fact is, when you’re not in your circle, and it’s not “your time”, it can feel lonely, restrictive, just plain weird. So let’s go there!  This is a chance to step out of your comfort zone and celebrate something about the people around you. In doing so you might find more things to relate to that person, and build a bridge. This is your lemons turned to lemonade moment.
  • Celebrate your inner weird. This is IntuitiveMeaning.com – here to remind you that it all starts within. Own it, love it, enjoy every moment of it. The greater your inner acceptance, the more your soul can fill that space with joy, happiness and love. We all want to feel accepted. When you feel relaxed and happy within, most people will match that energy, and feel acceptance, too.

What’s so weird?

This morning I discovered this short video, and I enjoyed it so much that I had to share. This video was my inspiration to tap into the topic of celebrating your inner weird.

For those of us who find it difficult to just “sit quietly”, this video came as a much needed affirmation that some of us think and focus best when we’re in motion, keeping the energy flowing. The association between judgment and “weird” is a subtle one, but they do relate. It’s nice to see these steps toward understanding and accepting that we are not all the same.

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