Prayers and Blessings For The Supermoon Eclipse

On Sunday September 27th, 2015 most of the america’s will have the honor of witnessing a supermoon eclipse. This event will last 1 hour and 11 minutes. Astrologers talk of this supermoon eclipse and the meaning to us on a spiritual level.

supermoon - perigee moonWhat is the meaning of the supermoon eclipse?

A supermoon is simply a time when the moon is closer to the earth. It appears bigger than normal. Energetically there is an effect, having the moon “right in your face” so to speak. Anything can create more of an impression when it is “right in your face”.

An eclipse is a phenomenon of alignment between the sun, the earth, and the moon. In earlier times an eclipse was seen as an omen, a powerful message. Nowadays we’re more educated on the physical conditions that create this event. We’re not as easily impressed by the signs and phenomenons shown to us by the world. Is this a good thing, or not?

Here’s the thing: we all create opportunities to appreciate, learn, release, whatever. There’s a lot that you can hold on to, and seek out some way to become unconscious, numb to the effects of the stress you hold. Does it need to be that way? No. The good news is that you create opportunities, things that are unrelated that can be used in a reflective way. Such as a supermoon, or an eclipse, or a supermoon eclipse.

This full moon supermoon will also be a blood moon, close to the horizon. What a trio of moon events!

moon phasesAsk and it shall be given

Yes, you have to ask. Who do you ask? Turn the question inward, and ask your heart about your truth. Talk to your soul, get to know your soul language. Ask your higher consciousness, your soul guides, God.

It’s all energy. This supermoon eclipse is an alignment of three very powerful sources: the earth, the sun, and between the two our moon.

Creating your own Prayers and Blessings for the Supermoon Eclipse

Let’s talk for a moment about prayers and blessings that you can combine with white sage smudging, and sweetgrass blessings. The support is there, for the asking. Today we’ll focus on the energies reflected to us by this supermoon eclipse.

What energies are we working with for this supermoon eclipse? Clearly, there is a relationship between the earth, moon, and sun. That means source, soul and self. It can also mean body, mind and spirit. With the eclipse we will see the shift as these three celestial bodies align.

“Great spirit, guide me within our alliance, so that I can be peaceful, open to our shared love and joy, and realign with my faith and soul’s guidance.”

This is also a time of transition, seen within the eclipse: light into darkness, darkness into light.

“I release what no longer supports my life, inhaling to embrace, exhaling to release, inhaling to renew, exhaling my commitment to my soul’s purpose.”

This combination of supermoon and eclipse is a rare event. There have only been five since the year 1900. The next supermoon eclipse is 18 years from now, in 2033. What does this mean to you? Embrace opportunities when they come your way. Here’s another thought: make the most of every moment. These spectacular events are rare, and precious. Life is precious. Within a life every moment can be a special moment.

“Great spirit, fill me with your breath, the spark of life and love that animates me. Remind me how it feels to be truly grateful. Renew my faith in divinity, so I may feel your presence in my voice, my steps, and my thoughts. Aho.”

Energetically, this is a powerful time for change. Remember to stay aligned: body, mind and spirit. If you are seeking information and healing support during this transitionary time, you can schedule a private session by phone. Energy support will help you identify outdated beliefs, energy blocks, and will focus on bringing forth your own divine energy and support. These sessions can accelerate your transitions, supporting your growth with ease and grace.

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